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Area (Acres) 2,404
Population, Est'd 34,500
3 miles of riverside walks
Incorporated A.D. 1556
Extended A.D. 1891, 1934,
1952 and 1986
Latitude 51degrees 40' N.
Longitude 1degrees 16' W.

Sheep population in Berkshire 1911
Sheep for breeding 77,219
Sheep one year old and above 29,398
Sheep under one year old 70,022
In 1982 approximate figures were:
Sheep and Lambs 30,000
Breeding Ewes 23,230
Once proudly in the Royal County of Berkshire and still Britain's oldest continuously inhabited town.
The County Hall

Wool and Tanning
Abingdon Utd History

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Artist impression of Thame Street
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Queen Street Abingdon, late 1800's.
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